Recessed Mirror Cabinet Or Wall-mounted, Which Is Better?

Recessed Mirror Cabinet Or Wall-mounted, Which Is Better? 


In the current British bathroom furniture, recessed mirror cabinets have become a more popular, concerning type of mirror cabinet under the space-saving features of the bathroom. So is a recessed mirror cabinet always the best choice for you? Is every bathroom suitable for the installation of the recessed mirror cabinet? Is it better to choose a recessed or wall-mounted mirror cabinet?

In the following article, I will describe the features and styles of these two types of mirror cabinets in the UK market and compare their pros and cons.

At the end of the article, I will also introduce a new type of dual-use mirror cabinet in the UK market to give you an additional option.

1. Recessed Mirror Cabinets

What is the principle of installation of a recessed mirror cabinet? Are there any other features and functions besides space saving? Let's explore in depth.

1.1 Features

  • Perfectly Concealed In The Wall

The recessed mirror cabinet can be perfectly concealed inside the wall. In this way, the mirror appears essentially flush with the wall.

The recessed mirror cabinet does not take up too much space in the bathroom, there is no sense of protrusion and it will provide a sense of visual comfort.

  • Clear And Simplistic Design

Because the entire mirror cabinet is recessed into the wall, with only the surface exposed, most recessed mirror cabinets have a clear and simple design.

This has the added benefit that you don't have to worry too much about picking the right mirror cabinet design for your bathroom décor.

  • Complex Installation

First, you need to make sure that the wall is structurally suitable for the installation of a recessed mirror cabinet. Check to see if there are any electrical wires, plumbing or load-bearing studs in the wall. If there are, the installation will be more difficult, these things will be rerouted and you may also need a carpenter, electrician or plumber, etc. It is also possible that you will need a custom mirror cabinet to fit the wall structure.

  • More Installation Cost

A more difficult installation means higher installation costs. If you hire someone to install it, materials and labour will be costly, especially in the UK.

  • Further Away From View

Being installed inside a wall and also across a vanity basin means that the mirror in front of the recessed cabinet is a few inches further away than the mirror of a wall-mounted cabinet, which can be a challenge for people of small stature or those with vision problems.

  • Less Storage Space

Although recessed cabinets can save space, they may not have as much storage space as surface-mounted cabinets. This is because the depth of the recessed cabinet is limited by the depth of the recess, and the width is also limited by the width of the opening. In addition, if you have a lot of things to store in your bathroom, you may need to consider surface-mounted cabinets instead.

1.2 Functions

  • Save Space

If you're tight on space in your bathroom, the recessed mirror cabinet is a great way to save some precious square footage. These cabinets are designed to be installed into a recess in the wall, so they don't protrude out into the room. Not only does this free up some floor space, but it also provides a sleek and streamlined look. Plus, it makes cleaning around the edges of the mirror much easier!

  • More Aesthetic Appearance

With a recessed mirror cabinet, the entire cabinet is mounted within the wall cavity. The mirror remains largely flush with the wall for a natural and neat appearance. This results in a much more sleek and polished look for your bathroom as there is no protruding cabinet door. Plus, a recessed mirror cabinet can help you save valuable space in your bathroom as it takes up far less room than a traditional wall-mounted mirror cabinet.

1.3 Installation Process of The Recessed Mirror Cabinet

Step 1

Place the mirror cabinet in the centre at the right height above the sink and outline the horizontal outline of the cabinet on the wall with a pencil.

Step 2

Use a hobby knife and level to score the area along with the pencil marks, then use a keyhole or reciprocating saw to cut through the area and remove the drywall.

Step 3

Once all obstructions in the space have been removed, create the frame for your mirror cabinet by firmly attaching the horizontal 2 x 4 block to the vertical wall studs with wood screws. Ensure that the drywall is fixed to the edge of the studs and insert screws if necessary.

Step 4

Remove the mirror cabinet door and set it aside. Slide the mirror cabinet into place. Verify that the cabinet is level and adjust with shims as required.

Step 5

Set the mirror cabinet in place and secure it to the wall using the mounting hardware provided (drill holes for screws if required).

Step 6

Reinstall the cabinet doors to complete the installation.

The above is an introduction to the various aspects of the recessed mirror cabinet. I believe you have a general understanding of the recessed mirror cabinet.


2. Wall-mounted Mirror Cabinets

Wall-mounted mirrored cabinets are still the main choice for many British home bathrooms due to the ease of installation. So what are the other features and functions of wall-mounted mirrored cabinets? And what styles are available? Let me describe them all below.

2.1 Features

  • Easy Installation

As it is only installed on the surface, you don't have to think too much about the structure of the wall. Compared to the recessed mirror cabinet, a wall-mounted mirror cabinet is much easier to install. It also doesn't involve things like electrical wiring and plumbing inside the wall. You just need to consider the load-bearing of the wall, pick the right weight mirror cabinet and then drill and install it on the wall.

  • Cheap Installation Cost

The simple installation steps mean that you don't need to call an installer, perhaps you can do it yourself by looking at the installation instructions. This means that the installation costs are low.

  • Larger Occupancy Space

Unlike recessed mirrors, which can take up space in the wall, wall-mounted mirrors take up space in the bathroom. This makes the entire mirror cabinet slightly more obtrusive on the wall and less visually pleasing. Sometimes the protruding corners can be dangerous and you have to be careful not to bump your head.

2.2 Functions

  • More Storage Space

If your bathroom is large enough and you have more bathroom items and need more storage space, then it is still the wall-mounted mirror cabinet that will meet this need. Unrestricted by the volume of the wall, wall-mounted mirror cabinets can meet your need for as much storage space as possible. This way your vanity basin will be simple enough and easy to clean.

  • Easy to install

As already explained above, the installation steps for wall-mounted mirror cabinets are simple compared to the complex installation of the recessed mirror cabinet, which is one of the functions of wall-mounted mirror cabinets.


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2.3 Installation Process of The Wall-mounted Mirror Cabinet


Step 1

Place the mirror cabinet in the centre at the right height above the sink and outline the  outline of the cabinet on the wall with a pencil. Mark where to drill holes.

Step 2

Drill guide holes and drive screws according to the marked positions.

Step 3

Hang and fix the mirror cabinet.

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The above is the introduction to the various aspects of the wall-mounted mirror cabinet, and I believe you have already started to compare the two types of mirror cabinets in your mind.


3. The Pros and Cons of Recessed And Wall-mounted Mirror Cabinets

I have already described the recessed mirror cabinet and the wall-mounted mirror cabinet separately above, so let's now use a summary table to compare the pros and cons of the two in a comprehensive way.

 Product Name

Recessed Mirror Cabinet

Wall-mounted Mirror Cabinet


  • Save Space
  • More Aesthetic Appearance
  • Easy Installation
  • Cheap Installation Cost
  • More Storage Space


  • Complex Installation
  • More Installation Cost
  • Further Away From View
  • Less Storage Space
  • Larger Occupancy Space
  • Less Visually Pleasing


  • Bathroom with little space
  • Own house
  • Simple Wall Construction
  • Adequate Wall Space
  • Bathroom With Enough Space
  • Households with more bathroom stuff storage needs
  • Flat For Rent
  • Complex Wall Structure or Too Thin Wall

Installation Process

① Scribe the lines

② Remove the wall

③ Create a mirror cabinet frame

④ Adjust the mirror cabinet position

⑤ Installing the cabinet body of the mirror cabinet

⑥ Installing the doors of the mirror cabinet

① Mark the Wall and Measure

② Drill Pilot Holes and Drive Screws

③ Hang and fix the mirror cabinet

By comparing recessed mirror cabinets and wall-mounted mirror cabinets, do you have a choice in mind?

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4. A New Mirror Cabinet——Dual-Use Mirror Cabinet

Dual-use mirrored cabinets, which can be either wall-mounted or recessed.

Obviously, this type of mirror cabinet in the UK market has been designed with a number of different structural adaptations to have the features of the recessed mirror cabinet and the wall-mounted mirror cabinet.

This type of cabinet allows you to decide on the best way to install it depending on the conditions of your bathroom and your personal needs. The installation can be changed once you have moved home.

Single Door Mirror Cabinet

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Double-door Mirror Cabinet with 2 Side Lights

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Double-door Mirror Cabinet

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Mirror Cabinet with Large and Small Doors

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Although mirrored cabinets in the UK market have useful features, choosing one may not be as easy as you think. Recessed mirror cabinets look great, but may require more work than you think. Wall-mounted mirror cabinets are easier to install, but can take up valuable space. Which mirror cabinet is better for you, a recessed mirror cabinet or a wall-mounted one, or the new dual-use mirror cabinet? Have you got the answer in mind with this blog?


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