There's something ethereal and magical about mirror cabinets with lights and demister. They seem to transport us to another world, a world of sparkling lights and foggy glass.
They're also incredibly practical, providing a clear view of our reflection in any situation. Whether we're applying makeup or shaving, mirror cabinets with lights and demister give us the perfect opportunity to take a close look at ourselves.
Our mirror cabinets with lights and demister are made with aluminum, which is both waterproof and durable. And the demister prevents the mirror from fogging up, so you can always enjoy a clear view. The sensor switch, soft-close function of doors and ample storage space with adjustable shelves give you the perfect experience.
For installation, you can choose between recessed or wall-mounted. We also have  dual-use mirror cabinets that combine both options, depending on your preference and the structure of your bathroom.

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