In a dimly lit bathroom, the mirror comes to life, creating an elegant and inviting space. In a well-lit room, it becomes a statement piece, drawing the eye and adding a touch of luxury.
This is the effect that the framed wall led lighted mirrors bring. The ornate frames add to the overall feeling of luxury and drama. With its ornate frame and soft lighting, it resembles a painting more than a mirror. There's something about a vintage-inspired, ornate wall mirror that feels like a piece of art.
We highly recommend the Aluminium framed bathroom mirror. Firstly, they have a shiny finish. Secondly, they are strong, corrosion resistant, water resistant, will not rust and are easy to clean and maintain. You also don't have to worry that such metal frames will be too rigid, they are available in a wide range of color options such as rose gold, brushed silver, brushed gold and matt black. Besides, with the current technology, the texture of aluminum frames can be copied from many other materials to achieve different effects.
Of course, if you prefer other materials, such as solid wood, stainless steel, etc., we can also customize your ideal framed mirror.

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