Wholesale Lighted Mirror Cabinet |Industry Secrets Revealing

Wholesale Lighted Mirror Cabinet |Industry Secrets Revealing



Today, a lighted mirror cabinet is a relatively common type of bathroom furniture. As people's needs grow and technology improves, better and better quality wholesale lighted mirror cabinets are constantly emerging in the UK market also adding more and more features.

Below I will describe some of the features or functions that modern wholesale lighted mirror cabinets have, from the point of view of their practicality and durability, involving some industry details and secrets.

You can use these to compare whether the wholesale lighted mirror cabinets you bought are qualified, and you can also determine what kind of wholesale lighted mirror cabinets to buy in bulk.


   How practical is it?

1. Inductive switch control

Many British hotels and homes have lighted mirror cabinets installed in their bathrooms for night lighting. Generally, the light fittings on the wholesale lighted mirror cabinet are installed separately and therefore have a separate control switch.


   Did you know?

Common light switches in the UK market can be divided into push button switches, touch switches and inductive switches.

The first two switches need to be touched to turn the lights on and off. It is very inconvenient to use. When your customers in the UK use their hands with water or stains to open and close the lighting, it is easy to cause an accident by electric shock. In addition, it’s easy to forget to turn off the light, resulting in a waste of electricity.


Inductive switch control02

We hereby provide a wholesale lighted mirror cabinet with inductive switch control that can overcome the above problems.

When your customer approaches, the inductive switch can sense and automatically light the LED lamp for lighting. When your customer leaves, the LED light can be automatically extinguished. It’s more convenient to control compared with another 2 switches.

Furthermore, it can eliminate electric shock and electricity waste problem.

Inductive switch control01


And the LED lamp is set for the hidden type. The light source uses the principle of glass permeability and can refract the light source out. Because the light source of the LED lamp is a point-lighting type, the light source out like a star descends.


2. Multipurpose

This wholesale lighted mirror cabinet can not only be used as a storage assistant, but also as a makeup mirror for your British customers. The internal adjustable space is very suitable for placing medicines, cosmetics, shaving tools, towels, soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc. in the bathroom, dressing room or cloakroom, etc.  


Besides, this wholesale lighted mirror cabinet has a triple-mirror design. It gives superior visibility with mirrors on the front and back of the door as well as the back of the interior of the cabinet. As we all know, mirrors have the effect of visually enlarging space. The triple mirrors make the mirror cabinet and bathroom look bigger.
multipurpose medicine cabinet01
multipurpose medicine cabinet02

What’s more, the light on the mirror cabinet makes it easy for you to find stuff inside, look through the details and makeup.

To sum up, this wholesale lighted mirror cabinet in the UK is multipurpose bathroom furniture that combines storage, lighting and mirror functions.


Check out our double-door lighted mirror cabinet.


3. Adjustable shelf

Flexible shelf adjustment takes the most advantage of the storage space of the lighted mirror cabinet.


Adjustable shelf01
Adjustable shelf02

Inside this wholesale lighted mirror cabinet,  you can see there are always extra small holes on two sides of the cabinet. Those are not useless. They are for adjusting the height of the shelves.

This wholesale lighted mirror cabinet with adjustable shelves makes maximum use of the storage space in the cabinet.

Your customers in the UK don't have to limit the placement of things because of fixed shelves. They can arrange the largest shelf for large mirrors or other items.

Removable and adjustable shelves have another advantage. That is the ease of cleaning. Your British customers can even take the glass off and wash it before putting it back on.

See our single-door lighted mirror cabinet.


4. Safety door frame with concave design 

Safety door frame with concave design

Whether your customers or their children in the UK, they may encounter a situation where they accidentally hit their head or scratch their hand on the corner of the door, while the mirror cabinet is open. However, we have designed a small detail on the wholesale lighted mirror cabinet to avoid these injuries. The door frame has been designed with concave aluminum sides so that the edges of the door are soft. And there are no sharp corners that could easily cause injury.


   Is it durable?

5. Waterproof


This wholesale lighted mirror cabinet has a waterproof and moisture-proof design, which has been certified by ETL listed, IP44 rated to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom environments. It is very suitable for bathroom decoration lighting and makeup.

And this wholesale lighted mirror cabinet is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, with a rust-free and debris-free appearance, which protects the cabinet from moisture and water, and is safer in humid environments.


Therefore, whether a mirror cabinet with lights is waterproof or not, still depends on what material it is made of. At the moment, aluminum and stainless steel mirror cabinets are more waterproof.


6. Aluminum profile

aluminum profile medicine cabinet01

Aluminum is a great material choice for wholesale lighted mirror cabinet.

Firstly, an aluminum profile mirror cabinet has a more shinning finish, compared to the wooden one, stainless-steel one or mirror cabinets made of other materials.

Secondly, it is fire, water and moisture resistant. In addition, these aluminum medicine cabinets have an oxidation treatment to prevent them from rusting in high humidity areas like bathrooms. What’s more, it is not susceptible to pests.

The above factors lead to aluminum mirror cabinets being stabler and longer-lasting.

aluminum profile medicine cabinet02

Compare our aluminum-lighted mirror cabinets here. 

7. Sturdy hinge

The hinge is the important device that connects the door to the cabinet body, meaning it has to be able to bear the weight of the entire door.

Sturdy hinges strengthen the structure of the mirror cabinet while not interfering with the opening and closing of the door. This enables the wholesale lighted mirror cabinet to be more durable.
Sturdy hinge01
Sturdy hinge02

Another tip, if the cabinet door is too large with a mirror, it can be designed as a double or triple door. Otherwise, the hinges will not be able to withstand it and the wholesale lighted mirror cabinet will be short-lived even if it is of good quality.


8. Wire anti-pull-out device

Wire anti-pull-out device01

Inside the mirror cabinet, you need to install wires to make the electric light on the cabinet door work. These wires are in the humid environment of the bathroom, so the protection has to be designed with a little more care.

An anti-pull-out device is a type of protection for electrical cables. Through fitting an adhesive plug, or swivel connector, to one end of the cord, it prevents the cord from being pulled or pulled out when the cabinet door is opened or in other situations.

Wire anti-pull-out device02

This device protects the wires and extends the life of the wholesale lighted mirror cabinet.


9. LED light

LED as a light-emitting device is of great interest because of its superior aspects compared to other light-emitting devices.

LED 01

Long working lifetime

LED as a conductor solid light-emitting device, compared to other light-emitting devices have a longer working life. Its brightness half-life can usually reach 50,000 hours. Using the LED mirror 5 hours a day means it will last 27 years.

LED improves the durability of the lighting in this wholesale lighted mirror cabinet.

Long working lifetime
Low power consumption

Low power consumption

LED is a low-voltage device, so in the same brightness, power consumption is minimal, which can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the wholesale lighted mirror cabinet. People have made calculations, if all of Japan's lighting fixtures with LED replacement, it can reduce two large power plants, which is very beneficial to environmental protection.

Easy dimming, colour mixing, controllability

LED as a light-emitting device, you can control the brightness through changes in the flow of current, but also through the configuration of different wavelengths of LED to achieve changes in colour and regulation.

Easy dimming, colour mixing, controllability


The practicality and durability of a lighted mirror cabinet are all concerns for the customers and for the merchants in the UK.

A good businessman should think what the customer thinks, not be short-sighted and pick a good wholesale lighted mirror cabinet from their point of view for the product to be more popular with customers in the UK and to build a good and sustainable brand effect.

If you are interested in our wholesale lighted mirror cabinets, contact us!

Or click below to order directly.

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