The Most Detailed Comparison of the Pros and Cons of Framed and Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

The Most Detailed Comparison of the Pros and Cons of Framed and Frameless Bathroom Mirrors


Still worried about choosing a bathroom mirror with light? Don't know whether to choose a frameless or framed bathroom mirror in the UK market? Of course, framed and frameless each has its own unique features. In this blog, I will give you a detailed list of the pros and cons of framed and frameless bathroom mirrors. I will also introduce you to some of the styles of frameless and framed bathroom mirrors in the UK for you to choose from. I hope these can help you make the best decision for your needs.

1. Pros and Cons of Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

1.1 Pros

  • Casual Style, Easy to Match

Without the restriction of a frame, it is simply a piece of glass, and this construction allows for a more casual style of the frameless bathroom mirror. Thus frameless bathroom mirror has the advantage of being easy to match style, which can provide different combinations for home decoration. The bevelled edge of the frameless bathroom mirror can create a sense of layering and make the space more three-dimensional.

  • Easy to Clean

It is easier to clean as it is just a flat piece of glass with no border to get in the way. There are also no stains or bacteria hidden around the edges of the frame. After using them for a long time, you will find that frameless bathroom mirrors are cleaner than framed ones.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Install

The lighter weight of frameless bathroom mirrors makes them more advantageous for transport and handling, both retail and wholesale. Moreover, the lighter frameless bathroom mirror is easier to handle when it comes to installation.

  • Makes Good Use of Bathroom Space

To some apartments with a small bathroom in the UK, a frameless bathroom mirror is a great way to maximize the space in your bathroom. By using a frameless bathroom mirror, you can make the most of your bathroom's limited space.

If you have a small bathroom space, you can buy a small frameless bathroom mirror in matching size. The size of the mirror glass is as large as your usable area. A frameless bathroom mirror is a better use of space than a framed bathroom mirror.

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  • No Need to Consider the Details of Frame

If you are choosing a framed bathroom mirror, you will need to consider the material, style, colour and other details of the frame, in order to match the bathroom décor. If you choose a frameless bathroom mirror, you can skip these steps. Much less hassle, isn’t it?

1.2 Cons

  • Edges Are Easily Chipped

Without the protection of the frame, the edge of the bathroom mirror is prone to break under bumps and bruises. There is also a risk of breakage in the case of prolonged exposure to water droplets and mist.

  • Cookie Cutter Look

If you search online for round frameless bathroom mirrors, you will find that they look basically the same in the UK market. Other frameless bathroom mirrors are just more oval, square and so on in different shapes. A uniform look means it is difficult to create a unique bathroom mirror style.

1.3 Application

A frameless bathroom mirror is really suitable for small bathrooms in the UK, provided the right size is picked. It not only visually adds space to the bathroom but also makes the most of the limited wall space.

1.4 The Frameless Bathroom Mirror Styles

2. Pros and Cons of Framed Bathroom Mirrors

2.1 Pros

  • More Luxurious and Elegant

It’s icing on the cake.

With the addition of an outer frame, the mirror will look more elegant and even luxurious. If your bathroom is more tastefully decorated, a framed bathroom mirror will decorate your bathroom like a painting. Many vintage English bathrooms have framed bathroom mirrors in the same style in the UK.

  • More Choice of Styles

Different materials, colours and styles of framed bathroom mirrors bring a different feel. They can be vintage and luxurious, or simple and comfortable. The possibilities are endless with different combinations. This is why framed bathroom mirrors have a more varied style than frameless bathroom mirrors in the UK market.

  • Better Protection of the Bathroom Mirror Edges

Adding an outer frame has the additional benefit of protecting the edge of the bathroom mirror more effectively. The frame acts as a cushion and protects the product both during transport and in everyday use. It protects the edge of the bathroom mirror from water droplets or mist.

2.2 Cons

  • Takes Up More Space

Framed bathroom mirrors tend to be the larger size, and with the addition of a frame, they can take up even more area. Therefore, framed bathroom mirrors require more wall space, which means that the bathroom space must also be large enough. In a word, in the UK, if you have enough space in your bathroom you may want to consider a framed bathroom mirror.

  • Difficult to Clean the Edges

With the addition of the frame, the edge of the bathroom mirror is not exposed to the air like a frameless bathroom mirror. However, the frame is not completely glued to the edge of the mirror and there are some gaps. This makes it easier for airborne dust or bacteria to enter the gaps and be removed. It is also easier for water droplets or mist to get trapped in the gap between the frame and the mirror. This is not conducive to the maintenance of the bathroom mirror.

  • Less Lighting Options

In the UK current market, there are two types of light-emitting mirrors with lights, backlit and lighted. The difference between the two is that the light strips are placed in different places.  The light strip of backlit bathroom mirrors is installed at the back of the bathroom mirror. The light comes out from the back of the mirror. The light strip of lighted mirrors is in front of the mirror and the light comes directly from the front. If the mirror has an outer frame, it is not suitable for backlit as the frame will affect the backlit effect.

Therefore, framed bathroom mirrors are usually front-illuminated.

2.3 Application

Framed bathroom mirrors are suitable for large enough bathrooms with a large wall area available. Because it is usually on the larger side in size itself. Especially for English bathrooms with elegant and luxurious decor, an elegant framed bathroom mirror should be considered.

2.4 The Framed Bathroom Mirror Styles

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3. Comparison Table

Having explained the pros and cons of frameless and framed mirrors one by one, it's time to give a brief summary of them.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Framed Bathroom Mirrors


① Casual Style, Easy to Match

② Easy to Clean

③ Lightweight and Easy to Install

④ Makes Good Use of Bathroom Space

⑤ No Need to Consider the Details of Frame

① More Luxurious and Elegant

② More Choice of Styles

③ Better Protection of the Mirror Edges


① Edges Are Easily Chipped

② Cookie Cutter Look

① Takes Up More Space

② Difficult to Clean the Edges

③ Less Lighting Options


Suitable for Small Bathrooms or Bathrooms with Simple Decoration

Suitable for Large Enough Bathrooms

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Above is a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of frameless and framed bathroom mirrors. Frameless bathroom mirrors are better and less complicated to match, but have a more uniform style. Framed bathroom mirrors are more elegant but also more fiddly to maintain.

If you have a small bathroom, then you may wish to consider a frameless bathroom mirror. If you have a lot of space available in your bathroom, you may want to consider a framed bathroom mirror. Of course in the UK, materials, colours and styles should be well thought out so that the overall effect is perfect.

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