How to Choose the Right LED Mirror Manufacturer from China?

How to Choose the Right LED Mirror Manufacturer from China?


There are so many LED mirror manufacturers on the market, especially in China, with their overwhelming branding and so many options to choose from that it can be dizzying.

So how can you gather information on reliable LED mirror manufacturers from China? And make a good judgment from them to choose the most suitable Chinese manufacturer for you to gain a competitive edge in the UK market?

1. Figure Out What Type of LED Mirror You Want

Before looking for the right LED mirror manufacturer from China, you should at least decide in advance which LED mirror you will probably buy, what style, what features and whether you need to customize it.


Here are some common types of mirrors:

LED lighted Mirror

LED lighted mirrors for bathrooms are made by embedding LED lighting and diffusers between metal and glass. That makes the light appear to be coming from the mirror. Such mirrors are ideal for bathroom lighting or decoration.

Backlit Mirror

This type of mirror is ideal for use in restrooms, along the corridors, lobbies, dining rooms, and many other places. The light produced is enough to illuminate any area and allow you to see a reflection of yourself. Mirrors with backlighting produce lumen just enough for any task.

Infinity mirrors are configured by two parallel mirrors, creating a reflection that recedes to infinity, hence the name. They are mainly used to add room accents and in works of art.

A Framed lighted mirror has a more traditional style and is generally paired with a classic décor. When well matched, it hangs on the wall like a painting, making it pleasing to the eye. Of course, framed mirrors provide better protection for the edges of the mirror.

Full-length Mirror

A full-length mirror is appropriate in a bathroom, bedroom or entryway. It is used to take a full-body view, making it easy to dress and dress up with shoes. It can be wall-mounted or stand on the floor on a stand.

Multifunctional Mirror

Depending on the user's needs, this mirror has many functions attached to it, such as time and temperature display, defogging function, Bluetooth function, magnifying mirror function, dimming function, etc. This is a modern, intelligent mirror.

The above are the common LED mirror styles on the current market, do you like any of them?


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2. Find the Relevant Manufacturers

There are many channels to find Chinese manufacturers of LED mirrors.


Did you know?

  2.1 Collative Posts

This kind of organisational post can be very useful. It will give you a list of many Chinese manufacturers of LED mirrors and will also show you company profiles, history, product pictures and reasons for recommendation. Links to the company's website are also kindly included.

  2.2 Large Shopping Platforms

On these Large shopping platforms, you can find a wide range of LED mirror brands. Of course, some of them are from Chinese manufacturers as long as you look hard enough. And then you can get their contact details.


  • Amazon

  • The Home Depot

  • Wayfair

  2.3 Direct Google search

Enter directly your keywords LED Mirror from China, and the web page will bring up LED mirror manufacturers from China. Some may be shopping malls, others are their own official websites. All are informative.

Likewise, you can get their contact details, such as email and phone numbers, and even talk directly to them in the pop-up dialogue box on their website.

The above are some of the channels for finding Chinese manufacturers of LED mirrors, all of which are very informative. You can make a list of what you have gathered.

3. Considerations for Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Now that the list of LED mirror manufacturers from China is available, you have a very large number of choices, so how do you pick the best one for you from there? Let's see what are the considerations.


  3.1 History of the manufacturer's company and cooperation

When picking the right led mirror manufacturer from China, the first thing you need to do is at least get their company profile, and then learn about their company history and history of cooperation.

The longer the manufacturer has been in the business of producing LED mirrors, the more trustworthy they are of course; the more businesses they have worked with, which are more authoritative, the more reliable the manufacturer is.

History of the manufacturer's company

But if the manufacturer doesn't have much history or many partners, it doesn't necessarily mean they suck, as a newcomer, they may have some competitive advantage in price or service.

So whether you trust them or not depends on whether you think they are worth the risk.


  3.2 Product Compliance


Do the product quality specifications meet national requirements?

This is also very basic. If you intend to import LED mirrors from China to your own country, the product should meet all the parameters of your own country's regulations. Does the safety of the product meet the standards? Are the chemical emissions of the product eco-friendly? These are all things you need to consider. To ensure that the quality of the product meets the requirements, a sample survey may be necessary.

You can also look at their product certification. Certifications like CE, UL and ETC are all more authoritative.

Product Compliance

  3.3 Price

Is the price appropriate?

You still need to do your market research in advance when it comes to prices. Don't be in a hurry, shop around and compare details. And try to get the biggest discount.

The price is still closely related to the product. What product class corresponds to what price class. Therefore, it’s important to position your product in a class first.

And then compare prices only if you are under the same class of product.

  3.4 Production capacity

This is particularly important if you are a wholesaler with high demand in a short time. Check the company website or ask an insider for the actual figure and weigh it against your preferred product quantity.

Of course, production quantities and time limits are something you need to communicate and negotiate with the LED mirror manufacturer before you make a deal.

Production capacity

  3.5 MOQ

MOQ is the minimum order quantity. Some LED mirror manufacturers in China have high MOQ, which is not a good choice for small-scale retailers. You can ask the sales team about the company’s MOQ to see if you meet it.


  3.6 Design and Customization Options

If you need customized bathroom LED mirrors or branded products, ensure your preferred mirror manufacturer allows it. It can be in the design, size, appearance, or any personalization feature you want to add.

Sometimes, some good LED mirror manufacturers in China can give you more design and customization options. This is also a competitive advantage for them.


The above are the factors to consider when choosing the most suitable LED mirror manufacturer from China, the more detailed the consideration the better for your business.

4. Top 15 LED Mirror Manufacturers from China


Make hay while the sun shines.

For your convenience, I will then list 15 of the better-known LED mirror manufacturers from China for you to choose from.

Young and energetic, AC (Argentcrystal) was founded in 1997 in Wenzhou, a legendary city in China that has always been given to innovation and hard work. "Since its inception, AC Silver Crystal has been committed to making quality bathroom products, starting with bathroom mirrors and bathroom hardware, and expanding and extending to bathroom furniture and shower systems, with a more comprehensive product line to meet the public's needs for quality living.

Key products
  • Dressing Mirror
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Decorative Mirrors
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Eco-friendly hardware
Recommended Reason

Above all, AC has been focused on the bathroom industry for 22 years. Besides, they have experience of over 300 large-scale projects. In addition, they have 500 shops in China and many partners worldwide.

  4.2 ARROW

ARROW, founded in 1994 in Foshan, Guangdong Province has ten production and manufacturing bases. With "Wrigley home, life wisdom" as the brand proposition, It is the most powerful and influential comprehensive household brand in the world. It is also one of the largest building and sanitary ceramics manufacturing and sales enterprises in China. Products and services include intelligent sanitary ware, tiles, cabinets, custom homes and other intelligent home categories.

Key products
  • Smart Linkage Mirrors
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Smart toilets
  • Ceramic Tiles
Recommended Reason

Firstly, they have many years of history and experience in this area of sanitary ware. Secondly, their product line is already well established. What's more, their technology is leading and has won many domestic and international honours and awards.

  4.3 Mirplus

Mirplus is a professional manufacturer engaged in LED makeup mirrors, dressing mirrors, Hollywood mirrors, bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets for wholesalers, retailers, building material chain stores, contractors, etc.

The company covers a total area of 10,000 square meters, with about 200 employees. They have an in-house hardware workshop, aluminum workshop, glass workshop, assembly workshop, and advanced lighting testing Lab to ensure our products are 100% under quality control.

They attained UL, ETL, CE, RoHS, and SAA certifications and strictly applies IPQC FQC, AQ for promising the best quality to customers. With over 12 years of experience and innovation in the lighted mirror industry, they are willing to provide customers in the UK or other countries' markets One-stop solution for LED mirrors.

Their enthusiasm and passion for lighted mirror products from the concept Everyone deserves a wonderful mirror to light up his life. They are looking forward to cooperation and providing you with safe and reliable products.

Key products
Recommended Reason

Firstly, the priority of Mirplus is customer service and satisfaction. The quality of LED mirrors and all other products also meet international standards. 

Secondly, They have been specialising in the production of illuminated mirrors and other lamps. They have been manufacturing professionally for over ten years. They have also been opening up the UK and other European and American markets for many years.

Besides, they have also perfected their technology and have received several Western certifications.

  4.4 FAENZA

Faenza Bathrooms Ltd was established by Mr. Tommy Xie in 2008 where it initially operated in Msida, principally dealing in bathroom products and accessories. A few years in and it enlarged its sector of business in 2015 when it opened its doors at its current location in Qormi. Faenza successfully sources brands that are committed to the pursuit of perfect quality while they also embrace reasonable prices. It is offering its clients a broad choice of products that consist of shower cubicles, vanities, Jacuzzis, massage chairs and wall & floor tiles that will give our clients a luxurious, sufficient and stylish lifestyle.

Key products
  • Lighted Bathroom Mirrors
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Vanities
  • Smart Toilets
  • Shower mixers
Recommended Reason

FAENZA has a good brand image. With the brand proposition of Half art, half life, it is committed to leading international art and home lifestyle and is a powerful and influential art and lifestyle brand worldwide. It also has more than 170 authorised patents, modern production bases and sales outlets.

  4.5 HEGII

HEGII is a Leading Chinese brand and provider of sanitary ware technology, manufacture, products and service. Founded in 1998, HEGII owns several manufacturing bases to meet the production of smart toilets, ceramics, bathroom furniture, fittings faucets, shower enclosure, bathtub, etc. The fittings faucets’ manufacture base achieves zero release of electroplating water, reaching the highest environmental protection standard in the sanitary industry.

Key products
  • Smart Multifunctional Mirrors
  • Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
  • Basins
  • Basin Mixers
  • Smart Toilets
Recommended Reason

Firstly, HEGII focus on innovation, masters more than 400 sanitary core patented technologies and possesses an all-categories R&D center of more than 4,000 square meters. Always being in the leading position of technological innovation and R&D ability makes HEGII become the high-level representative of China's sanitary technology. Secondly, HEGII has more than 3,000 service outlets throughout the country and has opened a “1350 Life for You” sunshine service channel to provide consumers with a full range of services.

  4.6 ANNWA

In 2003, ANNWA was founded in Foshan, Guangdong Province, with the brand proposition as Fashion ANNWA, Your Fashionable Life. With deep insight into lifestyles and consumer demands of younger generations, it takes advantage of intelligent technology of products, fashionable designs, humanized functions and optional services to provide users with a more youthful and fashionable life experience. It is a comprehensive bathroom ceramic tile brand of considerable strength and influence in China.

Key products
  • Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
  • Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets
  • PVC bathroom cabinets
  • Smart Toilets
  • Hardware Pendants
Recommended Reason

First of all, ANNWA has a high production capacity, and they have ten modernized production bases in China covering a total area of more than 3.96 million square meters. Secondly, their product line is also well established. What’s more, it boasts nearly 1800 marketing outlets in Chin and ceramic tile enterprises in China with a large scale, great strength and brand influence.

  4.7 BOLEN

Founded in 2005, BOLEN Sanitary Ware is a professional global customized sanitary ware brand integrating design, R&D, manufacturing and sales. It has four production bases for bathroom cabinets, smart light mirrors, shower rooms, and full-length mirrors. It owns a matrix of brands such as BOLEN, CHTAILON (Cheng Tailong), Niccy, TheiaMo, and CANDLER shower room. The brand has settled in the Red Star Macalline home decoration mall offline, and at the same time has deeply cultivated the online market and foreign markets. The products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, providing smart bathroom design, manufacturing and installation for global families, and an online line has been formed. Next, is the strategic layout of global integration.

As one of the representative brands of domestic products in the bathroom industry, BOLEN will adhere to the concept of Service first, Customer first , and consistently provide customers with high-quality bathroom products and services.

Key products
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Smart Light Mirrors
  • Shower Rooms
  • Full-Length Mirrors
Recommended Reason

Firstly, BOLEN has great production ability. At present, BOLEN has built a modern bathroom production base integrating technology research and development, design, production and manufacturing. The factory building area is about 15,000 square meters, and the factory building is 10,000 square meters. It has domestic advanced mirror production lines and bathroom production lines.

Secondly, BOLEN has R&D and technical strengths. BOLEN has more than 40 patents related to the bathroom, including some invention patents, utility model patents, etc.

Third, BOLEN has quality strength. BOLEN not only fully implements the IS09001 quality system, but also passes the EU, CE certification and ROSH test to fully control the quality of the products, and continuously optimizes the quality strength through process innovation.  

  4.8 Monarch

Monarch is an enterprise devoted to producing high-quality sanitary ware. Established in 1994, it has built a respected and positive reputation both at home and abroad. It produces quality products for the complete bathroom, including cabinetry, toilets, bathtubs, shower equipment, shower rooms, sinks, and faucets. In 2016, Monarch was listed in the A-share market, and established Monarch was officially renamed D&O Home Collection Group Co., LTD. together with the popular domestic ceramic enterprise Oceano, thus entering the pan-home furniture market. With the brand concept Artful Design, Powered by Technology, Monarch’s R&D philosophy combines people-centered design with cutting-edge technology to create high-quality bathrooms. It aims to be a bathroom expert that knows the consumers best and provides overall space solutions for them to make their bathrooms more tidy, comfortable, artistic, and enjoyable.

Key products
  • Bathroom Cabinet
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Shower Equipment
  • Shower Rooms
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
Recommended Reason

Firstly, Monarch has many years of experience in the production of sanitary ware. Secondly, it has been awarded the title of one of the top ten brands in China's sanitary ware industry, has a relatively large influence in the Chinese sanitary ware industry.

In addition, the company has won many awards for the design and development of its bathroom products, which are innovative and creative.

  4.9 Sh·Kl

Founded in 2004, Foshan Sh·Kl Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Has always focused on the field of full bathroom customization and high-end solid wood bathroom cabinets, integrating the design, research and development, production and marketing of full bathroom products. At present, it has 3 independent design centers, 3 production bases, and 8 branchesdivisions. Guardian Custom Leader.

Sh·Kl products are exported to important countries and regions in the world, with service outlets all over the country, dedicated to providing one-stop full-service customized solutions for people who pursue a high-quality life.

Key products
  • Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet
  • Full Bathroom Customization
  • Smart Bathroom
  • Laminated Glass Shower Rooms
  • Faucets
  • Ceramic Kit
  • Shower Head
  • Hardware Accessories
  • Niche
Recommended Reason

First of all, Sh·Kl has strong production power. It has 8 brancheddivisions, 3 independent and R&D centers, 3 production bases, more than 90 national patents, and won the National High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Famous Brand Product and many other national and provincial honors. And its production bases have an area of over 120,000 square meters.

Besides, Sh·Kl attaches great importance to intelligent and intelligent manufacturing, adopts fully automatic and efficient production lines, and has reached strategic cooperation with Kujiale, Shufu Home Software, and TopSolid China. Relying on the power of science and technology, management informatization realizes the speeding up of order circulation efficiency, making design intelligent, production Digital management, integration of design and production, and efficient and accurate full-service customization.

Foshan Garan's production base won the Foshan Nanhai District Industrial Internet Innovation Application Benchmark and Foshan Digital Intelligent Workshop.

  4.10 Naimu

Naimu makes innovations and designs in functionality and practicability with the help of trends such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Naim gradually penetrates the high efficiency of smart products into people's lives. Naimu smart mirror can perform functions such as temperature control and defogging, weather forecast, timed alarm clock, Bluetooth connection, human body induction, and stepless touch. It is a new product that integrates mirrors and intelligence. While meeting the needs of fashion, it also meets some of the needs of users in daily life, and a new smart home ecology emerges. For live broadcast, Naim will make good use of this new channel to open up online and offline marketing methods.

Key products
  • Smart Bathroom Mirror
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
  • Full-length Mirror
  • Vanity Mirror
Recommended Reason

Naimu has a wide range of partners. In recent years, Naim's products have been widely used in domestic five-star hotels and residences, becoming the partners of Sheraton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Group, Marriott Hotel, Pullman Hotel, and InterContinental Hotel and other hotels, providing smarter home services.

Naim is starting the great voyage of "Global Smart Home Everyone", innovating and researching digitalization, supply and demand chain, new retail and other aspects, leading the industry to change and new. Market environment.

  4.11 Dongpeng

Dongpeng Complete Sanitary Ware (formerly known as Dongpeng Sanitary Ware) belongs to Dongpeng Holdings and is a complete sanitary ware brand integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. Dongpeng complete bathroom products have a wide range of products, covering five categories of the smart bathroom, ceramics, bathroom furniture, faucet hardware, and leisure bathroom. It has three production bases in Fengcheng in Jiangxi, Yongchuan in Chongqing and Heshan in Jiangmen. Dongpeng complete bathroom attaches great importance to the production concept of sustainable development and has a very high brand influence in the Chinese sanitary ware industry.

Key products
  • Bathroom Furniture
  • Ceramic Basin
  • Basin Faucets
  • Custom Bathroom Cabinets
  • Shower Rooms
Recommended Reason

Dongpeng has strong brand strength. Dongpeng landed on CCTV-1 "Great Power Brand Development" (referred to as "Great Power Brand") and became a selected representative of China's pan-home furnishing industry, representing China's ceramic industry on the world stage, and becoming an important step in realizing the dream of a world-renowned brand.

Dongpeng has great manufacturing R&D strength. Professional high-quality talent team, intelligent production equipment, strong scientific and technological research and development strength, high-grade product design and strict quality management system have created Dongpeng's complete bathroom in product functionality, comfort, environmental protection, etc. Excellent reputation.

  4.12 APPOLLO


Founded in 1996, Appollo(China) Co, Ltd. Is a building material and sanitary ware industry brand with a history of 25 years. It is located at the foot of Huangqi Mountain, Guangzhou Development Zone. It focuses on R&D, production and sales of building materials and the sanitary ware industry, with a production base of 180,000 square meters.

With massage bathtubs, steam rooms, bathroom furniture, and shower rooms as the core product categories, and the overall leisure bathroom as the carrier to drive the coordinated development of other categories of products.

Key products
  • Bathroom Cabinet Series
  • Bathtub Series
  • Steam Room Series
  • Shower Room Series
  • Ceramic Series
  • Faucet Series
  • Hardware Accessories
Recommended Reason

First of all, Appollo has been working in the bathroom sector for many years and they have accumulated many partners. Appollo Sanitary Ware is widely used in various large-scale projects and high-end residences, and has become a top 100 partner of Country Garden, Vanke Evergrande, etc. Therefore, they are trustworthy.

Secondly, they have a good corporate concept. Through 25 years of continuous efforts, Apollo has taken leisure sanitary ware as the core competitiveness of its products and customer satisfaction as the service tenet of the company, using the old artisan spirit to guide the company forward.

  4.13 JOMOO


Founded in 1990, JOMOO Group is a full-industry chain, an innovative international enterprise with a smart bathroom as the core, integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. It has high-end lighthouse factories in Germany and France, and 15 in China. A high-end lighthouse factory, the world's first 5G cloud manufacturing lighthouse factory.

JOMOO specialises in high-end sanitary ware. The product concept is to Make living space healthier and more comfortable. They continue to play a leading role in the research and development of new technologies for health, system digitization, light intelligence, customization, new appearance, new materials, new energy, and ecological categories.

Key products
  • Bathroom Space
  • JOMOO Cabinets
  • Water Purifier
  • Kitchen Products
  • Balcony Products
  • Ingenuity Hardware
Recommended Reason

First of all, JOMOO has a very strong brand. They have 5 major production sites, 15 high-end know lighthouse factories, more than 60 laboratories and 16 global R&D centers.

Secondly, its brand value has grown by over $10 billion annually and has been number one in the industry for ten years.

Finally, they also operate globally with a wide range of outlets in over 120 countries. They are also working with more than 32 countries on the Belt and Road Initiative.

  4.14 Kohler


Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Wisconsin, Kohler Corporation is one of the oldest and largest family-owned businesses in the United States. Kohler Company is a global leader in kitchen and bathroom products, engines and power generation systems, furniture, home décor, hospitality, and premier golf clubs.

In 2002, Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai as Kohler's Asia Pacific headquarters.

In China, Kohler also achieved impressive results. Karbon's DTV intelligent constant temperature shower system was awarded the 2008 Most Successful Design Award by the Chinese version of "Fortune" respectively and "China's interior design is the most trusted brand" award issued by the Interior Design Branch of China Architectural Association. 

Key products
  • Mirror Cabinets
  • Mirror Series
  • Washbasins
  • Bathtubs
  • Bathroom Faucets
  • Showers
  • Shower Rooms
Recommended Reason

When it comes to the history of the brand, Kohler has a 100-year heritage.

For more than 140 years, Kohler has been adhering to the constant enterprise spirit, and is committed to making "every Kohler product show the highest level of that era".

Impeccable and excellent quality, industry-leading research and development technology, excellence in manufacturing technology, and fashion-forward art design have made the Kohler spirit a classic in its century-old heritage.

Kohler has a strong corporate presence in China. At present, Kohler has more than 50 factories around the world, and has 14 offices, 11 factories, more than 800 showrooms and an increasing number of design experience centers in China.

4.15 HUIDA

Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. As the inheritor of Tangshan ceramic culture, Huida has become a company with a continuous innovative business model and global development vision. A well-known comprehensive bathroom brand at home and abroad. In 2017, Huida Sanitary Ware was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in China. In 2019, Huida became the official sponsor of the Chinese national women's volleyball team. In 2020, Huida became a CCTV big country brand enterprise.

Key products
  • Bathroom Cabinet Series
  • Shower Series
  • Smart Bathroom Mirror
  • Bathtub
  • Slate
  • Toilet Series
  • Faucet Series
Recommended Reason

Huida Sanitary Ware has implemented a global operation strategy and built a complete sales and service system. The marketing network covers more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in China, and the foreign sales cover more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Provide one-stop comprehensive bathroom solutions for global consumers through a sales network covering major global markets.

These are the profiles of 15 LED mirror manufacturers from China, are there any you are interested in?



To know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.

In the particularly competitive UK market, you should do your homework in advance before choosing a good partner, the right LED mirror manufacturer from China.

All of the above are some real stuff on how to choose the right LED mirror China manufacturer, is there any inspiration for you?

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