Mirplus Factory Tour| High Quality LED Bathroom Mirrors Supplier

Mirplus Factory Tour| High Quality LED Bathroom Mirrors Supplier


There is still a lot of competition for LED bathroom mirrors in the UK and other European and American markets. As consumer demand continues to improve, the design, innovation, quality and practicality of LED bathroom mirrors are constantly being pursued. If you are a businessman struggling to expand your market and increase your sales and profits, then you are in the UK market for LED bathroom mirrors. Then you may want to consider seeking a reliable supplier who can provide high-quality LED bathroom mirrors.

Today I will introduce you to a high-quality LED bathroom mirrors supplier for the UK, from a visitor's perspective. This blog will cover their product philosophy, production process, quality control and more.

1. Factory Overview

Mirplus’s factory is located in a small town in Foshan, Guangdong, China.

It’s a professional manufacturer or supplier of high quality LED bathroom mirrors and lighted mirror cabinets in China, engaged in LED makeup mirrors, dressing mirrors, Hollywood mirrors, bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets for wholesalers, retailers, building material chain stores, contractors, etc.

The factory covers an area of about 5000㎡and has a glass workshop, a hardware workshop and an assembling workshop. The factory employs 80 workers, 6 technical engineers, 5 QC staff and 15 office staff.

In fact, Mirplus has 3 associated factories, but today we are just introducing the one we visited recently.

customized design01

2. Office Hospitality

Only a team that loves life can make products that light up life.

This Monday, I, the blogger and a few colleagues drove to the factory. The factory has four floors. Danny, the factory director, greeted us warmly downstairs and took us up to the reception room on the 4th floor.

Danny brewed us a nice pot of wild liver tea there. It was rich and aromatic with a sweet aftertaste.

What hospitable and wellness Chinese people! You can tell they enjoy life and love it.

Then we were given two product catalogues, one for the bathroom mirror and one for the makeup mirror. We enjoyed the tea while browsing through the product catalogues.

customized design01

This is their front reception. The company logo looks magnificent and elegant in a cool black and white grey décor.

customized design01

This is their office. In such a vibrant office, everyone was concentrating on their work.

3. Gallery Visit

High quality LED bathroom mirrors need to keep up with the market and be diversified.

After tea, following Danny, we took a tour of the gallery. 

The product range is basically the same as the catalogue. But we were still amazed by the beauty of the real thing and the more matching scenes. We had an excellent visual experience when visiting the gallery.

customized design01

Just take a look at their gallery and you will feel how sincere the supplier of high quality LED bathroom mirrors is.


Danny introduced us to a few of popular products on the market.

Inductive switch control02

Acrylic profiled LED bathroom mirror

Acrylic is a material used as an edge treatment for mirrors. It protects the edges of the mirror, softens the light and brings a premium feel with itself.

Oval frameless LED bathroom mirror

As a pop-up, it has a simple appearance and modern style and it is suitable for hotels or home bathrooms.

Inductive switch control02
Inductive switch control02

Smart LED Bathroom Mirror

Generally, this smart bathroom mirror can display the time and weather, and also connects to a Bluetooth speaker using your mobile phone. It is a multifunctional, high-class LED bathroom mirror.

Danny also told us that the functions of the LED bathroom mirror are not fixed, but can be chosen and customised by the clients.

customized design01
Inductive switch control02

Solid wood frame LED bathroom mirror

It has a more traditional style and is generally paired with a classic décor. The solid wood grain gives it a very textured look and is suitable for families with high aspirations for overall home décor. When well matched, it hangs on the wall like a painting, making it pleasing to the eye.

Stainless steel frame

It is water and humidity resistant and rust proof. The polished appearance also adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Inductive switch control02
See other LED bathroom mirrorsCustom LED Bathroom Mirrors

Aluminium mirror cabinet

Aluminium is a more practical material. This is also the regular version of our mirrored cabinets with lights. Of course, there is also a choice of designs with double doors or even three guys.

Combining mirror, storage and lighting functions in one unit, the mirror cabinet is the choice of many homes.

See other lighted mirror cabinets

During the visit to the showroom, we found that Mirplus has become a popular supplier in the UK and other European and American markets mainly because they are able to take market demand as a guide and are committed to customising LED bathroom mirrors and cabinets with lights, always focusing on the practicality and design of their products.

4. Hardware Department Visit

High quality LED bathroom mirror base box requires craftsmanship and careful polishing.

The hardware department is where iron sheets, steel, aluminium and other hardware are cut, bent, welded and polished.

The hardware department of the factory is on the ground floor and when we took the lift down to the ground floor, we saw that everyone was standing by their positions.

The process of crafting a good bathroom mirror base box is delicate and complex.

customized design01

The worker is laser cutting iron sheets.

customized design01

Another cut of the iron sheet

customized design01

The worker is bending the iron sheet.

customized design01

The worker is welding the iron bottom box for the bathroom mirror.

customized design01

The Worker is polishing the iron sheet.

customized design01

The handling of small accessories

5. QC Department Visit

High quality LED bathroom mirrors need to be checked level by level.

Danny said having multiple certifications from places like Europe is one of the competitive advantages of their brand.

The company has attained UL, ETL, CE, RoHS, and SAA certifications and strictly applies IPQC FQC, AQ for promising the best quality to customers. With over 12 years of experience and innovation in the lighted mirror industry, they are willing to provide our customers One-stop solution for LED mirrors.

multiple certifications (1)
multiple certifications (2)
The ageing test area

The ageing test area

LED drive power supply performance test area

LED drive power supply performance test area

Photoelectric test equipment

Photoelectric test equipment

6. Assembling Workshop Visit

Efficient production is the result of a fine division of labour and assembly line work.

Danny said their products were aimed at the mid-to-high end UK  and other markets, so they kept a strict eye on product details and safety.

Assembling Workshop (2)
Assembling Workshop (3)

Their products are more waterproof and leak-proof.

Assembling Workshop (4)
Assembling Workshop (1)

7.  Packaging and Handling

Packaging and transport are also part of the product guarantee service. 

Recently the factory was busy with a big order and a lot of goods were being stacked at the factory's entrance.

Each bathroom mirror is individually packed to ensure its integrity.

Packaging and Handling (2)
Packaging and Handling (3)

The staff is moving the goods with a forklift.

Packaging and Handling (1)

8.  Mirpluss Mission

Their enthusiasm and passion for lighted mirror products from the concept Everyone deserves a wonderful mirror to light up his life. They are looking forward to cooperation and providing clients with safe and reliable products.

They strive to deliver real value for our customers through distinctive design, superb quality and excellent customer service. Their mission is to be the leader in the field of high quality LED bathroom mirrors and lighted mirror cabinets in the UK and other European and American markets.



High quality LED bathroom mirrors suppliers not only keep up with the market and respond to the design needs of consumers and businesses, they also carry out strict quality control to constantly improve the quality of their products, as well as constantly improving their creativity and productivity.

Through this visit, I got a real sense of Mirplus' strong overall strength. From design and development, to quality control and materials and accessories, Mirplus' hardcore product strength is evident. This is the secret of the popularity of Mirplus LED bathroom mirrors!


Contact them to find out more about Mirplus LED bathroom mirrors.


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