Which Lighted Mirror Cabinet Is The Best To Use?

Which Lighted Mirror Cabinet Is The Best To Use?


Introduction to lighted mirror cabinet

That silver mirror cabinet with the mirror in the bathroom is more than just a place to keep toiletries and mirrors. It is something we look at at the beginning and end of our day. It is an essential piece of furniture in our daily lives and basically every bathroom has it. Today let's discuss which lighted mirror cabinets are the best in terms of types and functions of theirs.  


1. Why mirror cabinets with lights?

Normally, the light in your home is not allowed to shine inside the mirror cabinet. This is where a lighted mirror cabinet would make it easier to see and find things inside. It will of course also allow you to read the notes on the medication and the date of manufacture clearly.


Did you know? 


Mirrored mirror cabinets - one of the more common multifunctional mirror cabinets on the market. As well as having a storage role, it can also be mirrored. Some mirror cabinets have the doors designed as mirrors. Some mirror cabinets have mirrors installed inside the cabinet as well, which will make the interior look more spacious.

Then the mirror cabinet with mirror needs even more lighting.Although it seems like just one more light, the user experience is actually much better.


Mirror cabinet


2. What types of lighted mirror cabinet are available?


This is one of the more common multifunctional mirror cabinets on the market. As well as having a storage role, it can also be mirrored. Some mirror cabinets have the doors designed as mirrors. Some mirror cabinets have mirrors installed inside the cabinet as well, which will make the interior look more spacious.


Did you know? 


2.1 By material


Aluminium is a good choice for cabinets. It is essentially a green material and it is fire, water and moisture resistant. In addition, these aluminum mirror cabinets have an oxidation treatment to prevent them from rusting in high humidity areas like bathrooms. What’s more, it is not susceptible to pests.



  • Stainless Steel Lighted mirror Cabinet

One of the most durable options in bathroom mirror cabinets is a stainless steel framed mirror cabinet. These mirror cabinets have a deterrent effect on harmful pests, bacteria and germs. In addition, they have a lovely sheen that makes the bathroom look cleaner and more updated.



  • Wood Lighted mirror Cabinet

Wooden mirror cabinets can be decorated in a variety of styles, both traditional and modern, with various wood grains. Compared to solid wood mirror cabinets, the price is more affordable, the multi-coloured wood grain is optional and the decoration is more flexible.

The wood itself has a low density and many pores, creating a good moisture absorption function. And the paint on the outside ensures that the contents are properly insulated from the outside world. So they act as very good moisture absorbers and damp-proofers.


  • Plastic Lighted mirror Cabinet

Plastic mirror cabinets are easier to handle and easier to install. Moreover, this material is less expensive compared to other materials.

However, plastic mirror cabinets may lack durability and be less rigid. If you are only going to store light cosmetic skin care products or medicines and have no other higher requirements, this type of cabinet can be your best choice.


2.2 By mount

  • Recessed Mount Lighted mirror Cabinets

Recessed mount lighted mirror cabinets - do not take up too much space in the bathroom, making the cabinet appear almost flush with the wall, but this is based on taking up the volume of the wall itself. The storage space inside is therefore not too large. In addition to this, it is important to make sure that it does not interfere with the electrical wiring and plumbing in the wall.


  • Surface Mount Lighted mirror Cabinets

Compared to recessed mount mirror cabinets, surface mirror cabinets are easier to install and do not have much impact on the wall structure. And it provides more storage space.

However, visually it can take up more space in the bathroom, which can make it look less comfortable.

See our surface mount lighted mirror cabinets.



  • Corner Mount Lighted mirror Cabinets

This type of mirror cabinet is designed for specific bathroom structures. For example, if the bathroom is relatively small or if there happens to be a sink in a corner position. This type of mirror cabinet is based on a structure that makes full use of the bathroom space, takes up less space and is more practical.



2.3 Frame or frameless

The difference between a framed cabinet and a frameless cabinet is the face frame. A face frame is a frame that is affixed to the front of the cabinet. Imagine a cabinet without doors attached. The face frame is added to the front of the box cabinet to create a lip. This face frame adds strength and style to the front of the cabinet. Let's use a table to clearly list the advantages and disadvantages of framed and frameless mirror cabinets.


Here are the kickers:



Framed mirror cabinet

Frameless mirror cabinet


  • Added strength to the cabinets construction
  • Appealing to traditional senses
  • Many style options to choose from
  •  Available in many materials
  • Can be hung on uneven walls
  • have a longer lifespan
  • Less expensive
  • Clean, contemporary style
  • Faster installation, Easier to replace door panels
  • May be made of thicker materials
  • More accessible and easier to use


  • Less accessible and harder to use
  • Installation may take longer
  • Relatively less solid and may warp when hung on uneven walls
  • More expensive
  • Available in fewer styles
  • Fewer material choices

3. What are the basic functions of a modern lighted mirror cabinet?

You might be wondering: 

3.1 Storage Function

The cool environment of the bathroom is ideal for storing some items. You can keep medicines, cosmetics and care toiletries in mirror cabinet to make them last longer. This can also help them organize their spaces and keeps the bathroom tidy.


3.2 Additional Mirrors

Nowadays, bathroom mirror cabinets are generally fitted with a mirror on the door to make full use of the bathroom space for various functional needs. The installation of a mirror will also visually increase the space in the bathroom.  


3.3 Lighting Function

A light on the mirror cabinet is also a more common popular choice. This makes it easier to look in the mirror or to find the medication.



3.4 Interior Design Element

You don’t have to sacrifice functions over style when it comes to mirror cabinets. Your mirror cabinet can also be a very important element of your bathroom decoration. With the right mix and choice, it can upgrade the entire bathroom furnishing.

Depending on how you want your mirror cabinet to look and function, you can make it work with whatever style you desire.



4. Considerasions of choosing a lighted mirror cabinet

When buying a new mirror cabinet, it may be helpful to think of practicality first and then style. Determine how much space or shelving would be useful for you and your household for the bathroom in question.


4.1 Matching Styles

Decide on the style of your mirror cabinet according to the style of your washbasin and bathroom décor. Is it modern or vintage style?



4.2 Materials

The functional focus of different materials is different, refer to our classification of materials for mirror cabinets mentioned above. The material you choose depends on which function you focus on more or what your budget is. Plastic ones and plain wood will be cheaper. Aluminium ones will be more expensive but more durable.


4.3 Mount

The installation method still depends on the size and structure of the bathroom first. The more popular option nowadays is the built-in mirror cabinet. This is easy to use, saves space and has a better visual effect. However, it is more troublesome to install, taking into account the bathroom wall structure, plumbing, wiring and so on. If the conditions do not allow it or honestly choose the brightly installed mirror cabinet good.


4.4 Height

The height of the cabinet should be determined by the height of the sink, taps and the height at which each person in the family can safely use it, and in balance with the surroundings.


4.5 Weight

Consider the weight of the cabinet and its contents before installing it, and make sure that the walls can support this weight.


4.6 Additional mirror

The addition of an extra mirror depends on the location of the mirror cabinet and whether it is convenient for the mirror.




Which is the best lighted mirror cabinet? Depending on your home needs, bathroom conditions, the best fit is the best. Choose a good mirror cabinet with light that not only serves a storage function, but also has the function of mirroring and decorating to match

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