Everything You Need to Know About Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf Replacement

Everything You Need to Know About Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf Replacement

Are you looking to replace your medicine cabinet glass shelf? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Replacing a cracked or broken medicine cabinet glass shelf is not only important for aesthetic purposes, but it also ensures that all of your medical items stored in the cabinet are properly contained. In this post, we'll go over everything you need to know about replacing your medicine cabinet glass shelf including how to measure for the replacement shelf and what type of material works best for an effective and safe installation. So if you've been considering giving your tired old medicine cabinet a facelift then read on - we'll have it looking good as new in no time!

1. What is a Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf?

The Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf is a useful and stylish accessory for bathrooms around the world. This shelf attaches to the inside walls of medicine cabinets, allowing users to store additional items like contact lens solution, cotton swabs or even toiletries. Even with limited cabinet space, a medicine cabinet glass shelf can expand storage by taking advantage of unused vertical space above typical shelves and drawers that are standard fare for most medicine cabinets. With options available that match nearly any style of decor, the Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf provides homeowners an extra convenience when organizing their bathrooms.

Glass shelves are also an essential accessory for medicine cabinets. If the glass shelf of your home medicine cabinet is damaged, it is possible to purchase a replacement separately.

2. How Much Does a Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing a medicine cabinet glass shelf can vary greatly depending on the size of the shelf and the type of glass used. If you're looking to replace a glass shelf in your medicine cabinet, you should expect to pay anywhere between $10-$50 for the shelf unit.

3. Where Can I Buy a Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf Replacement?

The first thing you can do is to contact the seller of your medicine cabinet to see if they have replacement glass shelves for sale. After all, the same brand will not deviate in size.

One of the best places to find a medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement is online. There are many companies that specialize in selling shelves specifically designed for replacing old or broken shelves in medicine cabinets. Many of these sites offer a range of sizes, shapes, and materials so you can find one that perfectly fits your specific needs. Additionally, many online stores offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, making it easy and affordable to replace your shelf quickly.


Walmart is one of the most well-known home improvement stores in the United States. It carries a wide selection of medicine cabinet glass shelf replacements in various sizes and shapes. They also have an expansive selection of other bathroom storage organization items like shelves, drawers, and cabinets.


If you’re looking for a more affordable option than Home Depot, eBay is an excellent resource for medicine cabinet glass shelf replacements. You’ll find many sellers offering their products at discounted prices due to their pre-owned condition or because they purchased them in bulk and are passing on the savings to you. Be sure to read each listing carefully and check reviews before making your purchase on eBay as some sellers may not provide quality shelf replacements or return policies.


Amazon is another great resource for finding medicine cabinet glass shelf replacements at competitive prices. Not only do they have a wide selection from top brands like Kohler and Mirplus but they also offer free shipping on orders over $25 if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Amazon also offers customer reviews which can be helpful when deciding which product is right for you.

4. What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf Replacement?

Consider the Size of Your Cabinet

When choosing a medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement, one of the first things you should consider is the size of your cabinet. You'll want to make sure that the shelf you choose will fit snugly into your cabinet so that it doesn't rattle around or fall out when you open the door. If you're not sure what size shelf you need, measure the inside of your cabinet and then compare those measurements to the shelves available for purchase.

Choose a Style That Matches Your Cabinet

Another thing to consider when choosing a medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement is the style of your cabinet. If you have a traditional-style cabinet, you'll want to choose a shelf that has a similar look. For example, if your cabinet has raised panel doors, you might want to choose a glass shelf with raised edges. On the other hand, if your cabinet has a more modern look, you might want to choose a sleek and simple shelf.

Consider the Thickness of the Glass

When choosing a medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement, you'll also want to consider the thickness of the glass. Thicker glass shelves are less likely to break than thinner ones, so if your budget allows, it's worth spending extra for a thicker shelf. However, thicker shelves may not fit snugly into your cabinet, so be sure to measure before purchasing.

Decide If You Want Clear or Frosted Glass

Another thing to consider when choosing a medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement is whether you want a clear or frosted glass. Clear glass shelves offer a clean and modern look, while frosted glass shelves have a more traditional appearance. If you can't decide between the two, it's worth considering both options and seeing which one looks best in your cabinet.

Compare Prices From Multiple retailers

Once you've considered all these factors, it's time to start shopping for your medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement. Be sure to compare prices from multiple retailers before making your final purchase. You may also want to check online retailers as they often offer competitive pricing.

5. How Do I Install a Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf Replacement?

Replacing a medicine cabinet glass shelf is relatively straightforward. However, always inspect the glass shelf and the surroundings first to ensure that there are no unforeseen issues that may come up during the removal and replacement of the shelf. You will likely need some basic tools such as a Phillips screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on the type of bracket used to secure your shelf to the wall. Begin by removing all of your items from the shelf and securing them in another place. Next, start by unscrewing any brackets that are holding onto your current shelf. Carefully lift out the old glass shelf from its enclosure and replace it with an appropriate replacement size. Finally, reattach any brackets to secure your new glass shelf and return all of your stored items back into place.

6. How Do I Care for My New Medicine Cabinet Glass Shelf Replacement?

Caring for your new medicine cabinet glass shelf is an important part of making sure it lasts for years to come. Start by cleaning any dirt, dust or debris from the surface before placing any items onto the shelf. The next step is to make sure you don't put anything that could potentially break easily on the shelf and also consider using a liner sheet or small mats to protect against scratches and damage. When changing or rearranging objects on the shelf, always use two hands for heavier items and be extra gentle with glass and delicate items. Finally, occasionally wipe down the entire shelf with a slightly damp cloth to keep it looking great. Taking these steps will ensure your medicine cabinet glass shelf remains in great condition over time.  

A medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement is a great way to update your old, outdated medicine cabinet. With a new glass shelf, you can enjoy the benefits of having more space and organization in your bathroom. Best of all, a medicine cabinet glass shelf replacement is an affordable option that won’t break the bank. When shopping for a new glass shelf, be sure to consider the size, style, and finish that will best suit your needs. Installation is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. With proper care and maintenance, your new glass shelf will last for years to come.

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