7 hotel lighted mirrors | There must be one suitable for you.

7 Hotel Lighted Mirrors | There Must Be One Suitable For You


Introduction to a hotel lighted mirror

Mirrors are also an important part of the hotel room infrastructure. Different hotel lighted mirrors can bring different roles to the hotel, practical or decorative.

Choosing a good hotel lighted mirror can meet the different needs of the guests, improve the user experience, increase the guests' impression of the hotel, and even give the hotel a class or style for positioning.

 Let me introduce a few mirrors with lights suitable for hotels to you, from their features, functions, advantages and applicable scenes.


Here are three staple hotel lighted mirrors:


1. TV Mirror series

A mirror can be a TV, and a TV can be a mirror.


TV mirror02

This kind of hotel lighted mirror is a combined solution and it can save space. According to its matching frame, it can also fit right in with every interior.  

When the television is off, the mirror has a perfect reflection. When the television is on you can enjoy the crystal clear high-resolution screen which does not compromise the quality.

1.1 Advantages:

  • Save space
  • Combining the functions of a TV and a mirror
  • Multifunctional product that meets other needs of hotel guests
TV mirror03
TV miror04

1.2 Optional functions:

  • Defogger
  • Motion Sensor Switch
  • Touch sensor
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • LED dimming
  • Color temperature

1.3 Which scenes it is suitable for installation in?

TV mirror - this kind of hotel lighted mirror suits all kinds of environments, from luxury hotels with a classic interior to modern resorts in paradise.

TV mirror05


Imagine that a customer finishes watching TV in a hotel room and wants to dress up after turning it off. The whole big screen is filled with her look and she can enjoy dressing herself. There is also the possibility of taking a selfie in front of a large mirror in the living room, rather than in an embarrassing toilet.

TV mirror is a good hotel lighted mirror choice as a practical, high-tech product, isn’t it?


Check out our Tv mirror.


2. Frameless Wide frosted series

Frameless wide frosted mirror-modern style, visually expands the size of space.


Frameless Wide frosted series (3)

As a classic hotel lighted mirror, a frameless lighted mirror is most hotels’ choice. With its simple yet elegant look, frameless mirror blends seamlessly in any décor in a hotel.

The frameless wide frosted mirror can be custom designed as per your requirement and it will add that ultimate zest to your room that you always dreamt of.

Frosted edges are a glass process that softens the light offers greater security.

2.1 Advantages:

  • Clean, modern style
  • Faster and easier installation
  • May be made of thicker materials
  • More accessible and easier to use
Frameless Wide frosted series (2)
oval frameless wide frosted mirror

2.2 Optional functions:

  • Defogger
  • LED digital clock
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Motion Sensor Switch
  • Touch sensor
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Night light
  • LED dimming
  • Color temperature

2.3 Which scenes it is suitable for installation in?

Frameless wide frosted mirror - this kind of hotel lighted mirror can be installed in the corridor of the hotel, in the bathroom, or in a conspicuous place in the hotel room.

Frameless hotel lighted mirror is perfect for a small room as they visually expand the size of the space.

Frameless wide frosted mirror sence


The soft curve shifts your gaze flowing melody, with the art of lines of symbols with the quality of your life. Along with the grace, the illusion of bigger and wider space and reflection of more light in the otherwise enclosed bathrooms make mirrors a perfect blend of beauty with brains.


 Imagine a guest returning to a hotel room with a heavy, tired body. The uniquely designed frameless hotel lighted mirror blends subtly with the casual, contemporary style of the room. Guests will feel a sense of relaxation and pleasure like never before.


Check out our frameless wide frosted mirror.


3. Framed lighted mirror series

Framed lighted mirror - traditional style, more frame styles to choose from and for a more decorative role.


framed lighted mirror06

As a classic and traditional hotel lighted mirror, framed lighted mirrors have frames of different styles and materials that board the outside of the mirror and often play the biggest role in the overall appearance of the mirror.

A hotel lighted mirror’s frame, shape and color will all significantly influence the type of interior design style for which the mirror is appropriate.

3.1 Advantages:

  • Added strength
  • Appealing to traditional senses
  • Many style options to choose from
  • Available in many materials
  • Can be hung on uneven walls
  • have a longer lifespan
Framed lighted mirror series (4)
framed lighted mirror07

3.2 Optional functions:

  • Defogger
  • LED digital clock
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Motion Sensor Switch
  • Touch sensor
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Night light
  • LED dimming
  • Color temperature

3.3 Which scenes it is suitable for installation in?

A framed hotel lighted mirror will go well with traditional or cute and cosy themed hotel rooms. Of course, it can be installed in the bathroom or the room. As long as it matches the style of the decor, it can be used as a decorative feature, not to mention the function of the mirror itself.

framed lighted mirror09


Imagine that with a sophisticated yet romantic decoration, a themed-style hotel room is matched to a lighted mirror with a unique design frame. It is like a painting that hangs on the wall and is a delight to the eyes.


Compare our frame lighted mirror here.


To know more about the difference between frameless and framed hotel lighted mirrors.


Here are other hotel lighted mirrors:


4. Ice flower frosted series

Between framed and frameless mirrors, the ice flower frosted mirror has a new modern style at a low price.


ice flower frosted mirror
ice flower frosted mirror 01

The unique ice flower texture is created by a special treatment of the glass edges.

Thanks to only a glass process, the price of an ice flower frosted mirror is lower than a framed one. However, to some extent, its ice flower frosted edge also plays a decorative role just like a frame.

 4.1 Which scenes it is suitable for installation in?

In contrast to frameless mirrors, its edge helps the mirror to be decorative. However, compared to other framed mirrors, it has a cooler and more casual feel. So as a new modern hotel lighted mirror, it can be used with cool-themed hotel rooms.

ice flower frosted mirror 02


5. Infinity mirror series

A classic infinity mirror is used as a great wall decoration.


Infinity mirror series (2)

Infinity Mirrors are designed to give the illusion that the lights within them are trailing off into the abyss, continuing forever into infinity and beyond. This is achieved through the placement of your LED lights between the two glass mirror panels.

5.1 Which scenes it is suitable for installation in?

The infinity mirror is more often used as a decoration, which creates a mysterious atmosphere. It is usually used in entertainment venues, such as KTV, or hotels with a dark theme.

infinity mirror 03


6. Magnifying Mirror Series

Magnifying mirror series - a brilliant combination of whole and detail


Magnifying mirror

This kind of hotel lighted mirror - A small-size circular magnifying mirror is usually installed on the lower-left corner of a bust mirror.

One can see the bust through the large mirror, but also through the small magnifying glass to see the state of the skin on one's face and even one's pores. This makes it easier to apply make-up.


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7. Customized designs

If you are not quite satisfied with any of the above popular hotel lighted mirrors, or have other ideas and requirements, you can let us know and we will customize the right and unique hotel lighted mirror for you and mass produce it.


The following functions are optional to the hotel lighted mirror.


  • Defogger
  • LED digital clock
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Motion Sensor Switch
  • Touch sensor
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Night light
  • LED dimming
  • Color temperature


Here are some customized hotel lighted mirrors:


customized design01
customized design04
customized design06
customized desing05
customized design



What matters most to hotel guests is the sense of experience. Regardless of the type and function of the hotel lighted mirror, it is important to match the decoration of the hotel room and also to consider the needs of the guests.

A hotel lighted mirror should be designed to give guests a pleasant and convenient hotel living experience.


Contact us to order or customize your favourite hotel lighted mirror!


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