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Round Framed Modern Bathroom Vanity Mirror

  • Round Framed Modern Bathroom Vanity Mirror
  • 5mm Copper-Free Silver Mirror
  • High-Quality Metal Outer Frame
  • Rust Resistant Coated Metal Chassis
  • Equipped With Installation Accessories
  • Wall Mounted, Easy Installation
  • 3-year Limited Guarantee


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Framed round  bathroom mirror with LED light

Product Description

MIRPLUS mirrors can definitely add a sense of fashion and luxury to your home. We are committed to providing you with a satisfying experience with simple and practical designs to improve your quality of life and you will feel the ease and pleasure that MIRPLUS brings you.
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Research & Development: Professional and experienced technical development team.
Production: Strong & first-class production capacity.
Quality: practical design, made of high-quality materials.

Product Detail

Give your bathroom the modern style you've been looking for with the sleek, all-in-one design of the modern bathroom vanity mirrors from Mirplus mirror. High-quality materials make up the construction, beginning with a polished round framed mirror. Its LED housing draping across the sides gives the piece an elegant picture-frame like quality. Clean light rushes from the round outlines outwards in a glare-free glow. Adjust its color temperature and brightness for your ideal illumination.

A frame made of high quality materials plus a soft light gives the impression of a painting.

The framed modern bathroom vanity mirrors by Mirplus helps you look your best any time of day. It's outfitted with built-in LED lighting around the frame that can be adjusted to multiple brightness levels to accommodate a task or create an ambiance. The sleek, round shape of modern bathroom vanity mirrors and its functional design make it a fabulous addition to a bedroom, bathroom, hallway or entryway.

Fast defogging function
Ideal for bathroom and humid environment. The built-in defogger is activated when the mirror lights on, never worry about the mist or water drops blurring the surface of the mirror.

LED light strip
LED energy-saving& waterproof flexible light strip. Waterproof light strip to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom environments, the LED lights are highly energy-efficient lifetime approx 50000 hours.
Smart touch switch 
Single-button controls all functions like memory function, dimmable function and fast defogging function. Durable Copper-free silver mirror. Mirplus mirror glass is protected by the surrounding frame structure and explosion-proof technology.
PLUG-IN and HARD-WIRED are both supported. Mirplus mirrors can be hardwired to a switch on the wall. Ideal for bathrooms, but can be used effectively in any living space.

Cleaning and Maintenance
It is recommended that you first use toothpaste, vinegar or baking soda to clean the mirror stains, and then use a cloth or sponge to dry the water stains and make them as shiny as before.


All our products are produced according to UL ETL GS CE SAA RoHS Requirements

Product Package

Inner carton with foam all around

Put LED mirror into inner carton

Use strength foam to cover the mirror face

Put the whole mirror with inner carton into the outside carton

The wooden case

The wooden crate

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Our control in this regard includes thorough inspections throughout the whole process of manufacturing, sparing you the extra employment of quality control inspectors.


our mirror with into national standards(CE, UL, ETL.) we can make it through independent and well-recognized testing companies.


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