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Round Framed Magnifying Mirror with Light-LMA-448080


♦ Aviation Aluminum Frame
♦ 4 Colours Available
Matt Black
Rose Gold
Brushed Silver
Brushed Gold
♦ 3 Size Available(Customizable)
 φ24x248 Inch 
 φ28x28 Inch 
 φ32x32 Inch 
♦ Multi-function
 Brightness Adjustment 
 Colour Adjustment 
 Magnifying Mirror 


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Introducing the Round Framed Magnifying Mirror with Light-LMA-448080. This sleek and stylish mirror is perfect for any bathroom or dressing room. Made with an aviation aluminum frame, it is available in four different colors: Matt Black, Brushed Silver, Rose Gold, and Brushed Gold. It is also customizable in three different sizes: φ24x24 /φ 28x28 / φ32x32 Inch.

What makes this mirror special is its many features. It is anti-fog, has color adjustment, and brightness adjustment, and is magnifying. This means that you can always get a clear, accurate reflection of yourself. It's perfect for applying makeup or checking your hair before heading out for the day.

Product Description

Product Detail


Solve Your Worries
1.Put into the foam box
2.After everything is wrapped in foam
3.Thickened extra hard outer box packaging
4.Outer box reinforcement

Back detail

More at ease for your daily use

Efficient and Safe Quality Assurance

IPX5 Waterproof UL/CE Certifications
ROHS/REACH Conformity

Space Aluminum Frame

Safe and firm, not easy to deform, good heat dissipation performance
8 hooks to meet different suspension methods

Closed back box

Prevents the controller, power supply, anti-fog film, and other components from moisture.



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