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Oval LED Bathroom Mirror

  • Oval LED Bathroom Mirror
  • MIRPLUS 32 x 24 Inch Oval Bathroom Mirror for Wall,
  • Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirrors,
  • Brightness-Adjustable LED Bathroom Mirror,
  • Smart Mirror with Anti Fog,
  • Vanity Mirror for Bathroom/Bedroom/Hotel


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Looking for a luxurious bathroom mirror? This oval LED bathroom mirror is the perfect addition to any bathroom. With its bright, adjustable LEDs and anti-fog feature, this mirror will make your mornings brighter and clearer. Plus, its sleek design is sure to elevate the look of any bathroom.

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【DIMMING & MEMORY BUTTON】-- THE TOUCH SWITCH makes it simple and easy to turn ON/OFF and adjust brightness. MIRPLUS DIMMING MIRROR provides you with various brightness options, touching the smart button for 3 seconds to change light intensity from normal to brightest, perfect for shaving or applying makeup. The SMART MEMORY FUNCTION remembers the latest setting, no need to adjust it every time you turn on the mirror.
【PLUG AND HARDWIRE INSTALLATION】-- Upgraded way of power connection offers you a PLUG-IN and a HARD-WIRED connection.
【IP44 WATERPROOF & BUILT-IN DEFOGGER】-- IP44 RATING WATERPROOF effectively prevents fogging and water droplets. Designed with silicone strips to strengthen the seal, our mirror also comes with an electrical box to provide DOUBLE RESISTANCE of water in a humid environment. The BUILT-IN DEFOGGER means fog-free all the time, the moment you turn on the mirror, the defogger is on automatically, no need to clean, rinse, etc., giving you the perfect fog-free experience ever.
【SHATTER-RESISTANT & ANTI-RUST】-- Our SHATTER-PROOF design enhances the SAFETY of mirrors, without splashing debris, much safer than regular glass mirrors. 5mm copper-free environmental silver mirror, White painted iron chassis can resist scratch, moisture, and corrosion. MIRPLUS MIRRORS last longer than standard mirrors.
【STURDY PACKAGING & EASY INSTALLATION】-- Newly improved packaging protects both the mirror corners as well as the front and backside of the mirror much better. Accessories like POSITIONING CARBOARD, SPANNER, INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION and WALL-MOUNTED BRACKET on the back of the mirror make it convenient for you to locate and install within 15 minutes.
MIRPLUS mirrors can definitely add a sense of fashion and luxury to your home. We are committed to providing you with a satisfying experience with simple and practical designs to improve your quality of life and you will feel the ease and pleasure that MIRPLUS brings you.
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Research & Development: Professional and experienced technical development team.
Production: Strong & first-class production capacity.
Quality: practical design, made of high-quality materials.

Fast defogging function
Ideal for bathroom and humid environment. The built-in defogger is activated when the mirror lights on, never worry about the mist or water drops blurring the surface of the mirror.

LED light strip
LED energy-saving& waterproof flexible light strip. Waterproof light strip to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom environments, the LED lights are highly energy-efficient lifetime approx 50000 hours.
Smart touch switch & Frame structure
Single-button controls all functions like memory function, dimmable function and fast defogging function. Durable Copper-free silver mirror. Mirplus mirror glass is protected by the surrounding frame structure and explosion-proof technology.
PLUG-IN and HARD-WIRED are both supported. Mirplus mirrors can be hardwired to a switch on the wall. Ideal for bathrooms, but can be used effectively in any living space.

Cleaning and Maintenance
It is recommended that you first use toothpaste, vinegar or baking soda to clean the mirror stains, and then use a cloth or sponge to dry the water stains and make them as shiny as before.


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